​The Ninja Inside You

Immunotherapy means using the body’s own immune system to attack, and kill, the cancer cells. Your immune system is made of special infection-fighting white blood cells called T cells.

​How Immunotherapy Works

Blood Draw

We do a simple blood draw from a patient

​Reprogram T Cells

​Using laboratory techniques, we reprogram the child's own T cells, training them to recognize enemy cancer cells.

​T Cells Multiply

​When re-introduced into the patient’s body, the T cells multiply rapidly, seeking out and destroying cancer cells—without harming normal, healthy cells.

​"You are watching the elimination of human neuroblastoma tumor cells (the large cells you see in the beginning of the video) by reprogrammed T cells we are developing for a clinical trial (the small cells that are moving around like little Pac-Men). Notice the absence of tumor cells and the presence of lots of T cells by the end of the video!"

​Dr. Michael Jensen, Director
Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research