​Strong Like Becca

​Children gravitated to Becca. Her arms were always filled with someone’s child. She was fearless, strong, and compassionate. In her nine-month battle with cancer she knew she needed a miracle. Becca fought until the treatment options—the choice—was taken away. She didn’t want to leave her son, husband, and the many who loved her.

On December 8, 2013, we lost our beautiful friend, Becca Stevenson, to stomach cancer.  

Cancer wasn’t something new to Becca. She watched her best friends fight for their young ​nephew Ben Towne. Becca learned that the only thing worse than fighting for yourself, is fighting for your child. She knew the importance of research to end childhood cancers, the least researched of all cancers. In the battle to cure cancer, numbers matter. The more patients, the more demand, the more money to fund research.

As a mother, Becca knew the most important number: One. Statistics can be dizzying. But behind the big numbers, is one child who deserves to grow up. And the power of one person who can help make futures happen.

Becca was not given the choice to continue this work—and that’s why we are here.